When Birds Sing: From Trauma to Triumph with Arielle Spring – Episode 228

Every spring when the birds would sing, I would pray that you were okay. In this episode, Dr. Graham Taylor speaks with Arielle Spring. Arielle Spring is a living example of a phoenix rising. She began her life in an idyllic setting surrounded by loving parents and a sibling. She started to soar as a classical pianist and was mentored by a renowned piano teacher. Arielle’s life took a sudden turn in her sophomore year of high school when she experienced the first of a succession of traumas including sexual assault, the loss of her piano teacher, and becoming homeless. Arielle began her ascent through hard work and dedication to discovering her true self. She took a job as a domestic violence crisis group facilitator which inspired her to create her own domestic violence support group. Arielle went on to become a certified professional life coach and health coach. Arielle has discovered that her passion for music and design have spilled over into writing and books, publications and blogging are her current pursuit. Arielle is the author of the memoir titled When Birds Sing: My Journey from Trauma to Triumph detailing her journey through abuse to the moment when a conscious awakening prompted her to discover a power greater than herself.


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