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Triad offers a full suite of services to support the workforce needs of behavioral and mental health employers. Choose one, many, or all services based on your specific workforce needs.

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Jobs Marketplace

Triad's Jobs Marketplace gives you access to a network of 200k+ behavioral and mental health professionals. Find these in-demand candidates faster through Triad - save time and better meet your clients' needs.

Powered by Triad, the LinkedIn for behavioral and mental health professionals, Jobs Marketplace gives you access not to just job seekers, but also to "job havers" - candidates who may not be actively looking for a job today, but who may be interested in yours. Find better candidates faster through Triad's Jobs Marketplace.

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Continuing Education

Through the AATBS brand, Triad offers continuing education courses for psychologists, social workers, marriage & family therapists, counselors, and behavior analysts. The AATBS CE library includes 400+ unique courses (1000+ unique CEUs), offered both a la carte and as part of our All Access Pass, a monthly or annual subscription to the full CE library.

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Exam Prep

For the pre-licensed professionals in your workforce, Triad offers exam prep solutions for aspiring psychologists, social workers, marriage & family therapists, counselors, and behavior analysts. Available in live online, self-study online, and print formats, the Triad family of brands provides exam prep options that meet all learners' needs and preferences.

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The Triad Network

Triad is the hub for behavioral and mental health professionals. Education, community, and career resources, all specific to behavioral and mental health - and all for free.

In addition to providing a niche recruitment solution through Jobs Marketplace, the Triad network supports employers through dedicated company pages - digital billboards for your organization - and through private groups to supplement your company's internal communications.

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License Assistant (Coming Soon)

License Assistant helps simplify the process to attain and maintain licensure or certification in a behavioral and mental health field. Including state-and-licensure-specific CE requirements, expiration reminders, and more, License Assistant takes the busywork out of managing your credential, allowing you to focus on your busy work: supporting your clients.

For employers, License Assistant provides a company-wide snapshot into the licensure and renewal status of your employees, making sure you have the coverage you need to serve your client population.

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