What I Wished I Had Known as a Graduate Student with Dr. Nikki Johnson – Episode 109

Education is a privilege. It is an opportunity to help people and an opportunity at higher education. In this episode, Dr. Erin Elmore is joined by Dr. Nikki Johnson. Nikki is a clinical psychologist and a professor at Northwest University in Washington. The conversation with Dr. Johnson will be especially relevant for early career practitioners because we’re discussing tips for graduate students from the perspective of graduates of a program as well as Nikki’s experience as a teaching professor. Together they discuss what to expect in a doctorate level program, the responsibilities and eclectic roles as a college professor, advice for graduate students, tips on the graduate level interview process to get into graduate school, and defining successful graduates. Graduate-level education is a privilege and people are coming to you. They need help because they're trusting you, their lives are sometimes in your hands. And I think it's something we need to take seriously. Embrace it like it is your job because people's lives will depend on your work and not take that for granted.


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