Unwinding Darkness Therapy & the Essence of Enlightenment with Scott Berman – Episode 250

What if there's an opportunity for you to touch within yourself with what truly matters? A way to experience an authentic awakening through self-inquiry to move beyond all cultural and spiritual overlays and simply rest into what remains to be freed from all distractions. What if this opportunity gave you the experience of bringing you back to love through the simplicity of just being? In this episode, Dr. Graham Taylor speaks with Scott Berman, owner of Sky Cave Retreats, the first darkness retreat in the United States. Scott is a Darkness Therapy Pioneer and, for almost a decade, Scott retreated in complete solitude into the remote wilderness in Mount Shasta, California and Southern Baja, Mexico. From Scott’s experience, a deep desire was born to create a sanctuary for other sincere, self-initiated practioners. Scott completed his first darkness retreat in 2012 and has spent over 70 days in multiple darkness retreats. Over the last few years, he has supported hundreds of people in their dark retreats and has been pioneering the darkness therapy movement at his center in Ashland, Oregon. We’re excited to have Scott with us today to talk about the power of darkness retreats and the darkness experience. The soul grows, not by addition, but by subtraction. And here we are with a practice where it's not about doing, creating, or manifesting. But about taking it all away. So, if we remove everything, all that remains is the heart of what matters.


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