Triad Community: Study Groups, Career Resources, & More with Brandon Jones & Oliver Lubin – Episode 131

The Triad Community is a great place for all things behavioral and mental health. Grow and connect with those who are like-minded at all aspects of your career in this field. In this episode, De. Graham Taylor speaks with Brandon Jones, CEO, and Oliver Lubin, CTO, about the updates and new services offered by the Triad Community. Study Groups are available to pre-licensed students. These groups are led by a licensed professional and exam prep expert to guide candidates through the exam process and connect with others going through the same process. Jobs Marketplace has these variety of jobs and very industry specific filtering to compliment what you’re doing or to find something brand new and fun. And we look to the future development of the Triad Community with License Assistant. License Assistant will pull together resources that outlines the curriculum, continuing education units, and characteristic required to be licensed in other states and store your existing credentials to send reminders when it’s time to renew your license or if there are any changes in your state. License Assistant is in development now. We encourage you to check out, both to equip yourself as a professional and to join others for support and encouragement.


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