Trauma-Informed Work with Guy Macpherson Ph.D. - Episode 63

Trauma is a very unique aspect of our field, where we get to not necessarily bring people up out of their trauma but to join them in it. And as we do, we watch them find this path that's uniquely their own and they get to walk us through their path of healing. In this episode, Dr. Graham Taylor is joined by Dr. Guy Macpherson, clinical psychologist, and creator of the Trauma Therapist Project and the host of Trauma Therapist Podcast. Together they talk about trauma-informed work, opportunities for self-care within ourselves and the community, the importance of our self-exploration and authenticity within the therapeutic relationship, and finally the value of being able to honor someone's trauma process. If you’re working with people who have been impacted by trauma, working in this area alone is very challenging. The Trauma Therapist Project is creating a community and safe space for trauma therapists to care for each other, share their experiences, and encourage each other.


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