Transforming Men’s Wellness with Owen Marcus & Lucas Krump - Episode 69

Most men struggling to find a foothold in really knowing what a real man is and what a real man does. EVRYMAN has a men's wellness organization whose focus is to help men transform their lives by harnessing the power of their emotions and deepening their connection within themselves and with other men. In this episode, Dr. Graham Taylor speaks with Owen Marcus and Lucas Krump from EVRYMAN about their men’s support group and the challenges for men’s emotional integrity. Together they discuss the meaning of masculinity, how our culture plays a part in men’s wellness, and the roadblocks men experience in being introspective with each other. The goal of EVRYMAN is to help men express their needs without feeling overwhelmed, discover what excites them, and help men create a plan and take action steps towards those areas that are important to them. We want to make a difference and sometimes not having an awareness of ourselves can keep us small. EVRYMAN is helping people reach their potential.


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