The Risk of Malpractice & Protection of Professional Liability Insurance with Rachel Warners – Episode 174

We, as mental health professionals, come into our field with the best intentions and the best ethics and standards for practice. But no matter how professional our practice may be, an accident or misunderstanding can happen. And whether we’re at fault or not, we can find ourselves in the center of a malpractice claim and responsible for large legal and settlement fees. The best practice against harmful allegations, financially damaging lawsuits, and high legal fees is to have the appropriate form of malpractice insurance coverage. In this episode, Dr. Graham Taylor speaks with Rachel Warners. Rachel is the Director of Operations at CPH Insurance, where, with over 10 years of experience, they provide competitively priced professional liability insurance for mental health professionals. Together Graham and Rachel discuss the kinds of insurance coverage, protection from malpractice situations, the benefits of individual coverage, and the various types of coverage available from student, to intern, to licensed practitioner. A malpractice claim is not something anybody wants to think about, but it can happen even to the most ethical practitioner. We must protect ourselves from unnecessary risks that are in an inherent part of our work as practitioners. Having the proper policy in place allows us to perform our job, to do what we've been trained to do, without the unnecessary worry of our financial assets being lost in the event of a lawsuit.


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