The Mental Health Crisis Gripping Our Youth with Mark Cloutier– Episode 272

There are increasingly pervasive mental health issues that adolescents are experiencing. If we can help kids understand what they’re feeling and give them a language, that’s the beginning of being able to give them help. In this episode, Dr. Graham Taylor speaks with Mark Cloutier. Mark is the CEO of Caminar, a non-profit community-based agency that has been providing support services to individuals with mental health disorders for more than 50 years. Before joining Caminar, Mark held leadership roles in prominent health organizations and foundations, such as Horizons Services, the San Francisco Foundation, the Center for Youth Wellness, Kaiser Family Foundation, and the San Francisco AIDS Foundation. A longstanding resident of the Bay Area, Mark is a graduate of Lewis and Clark College, and earned Master of Public Policy and Master of Public Health degrees at the University of California, Berkeley. He's also a published author, having co-authored Prevent, Screen, Heal: Collective Action to Fight the Toxic Effects of Early Life Adversity. We’re excited to have Mark with us today to discuss community-based mental health and prevention efforts for teens and young adolescents.


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