The Indianapolis Colts are Kicking the Stigma with Steve Campbell – Episode 187

We recognize that the stigma around mental health is preventing people from getting help. About 33% of all college students experience significant symptoms of depression, anxiety other mental health conditions, but only about 30% seek help. Talking about specifically college athletes, we know that only about 10% seek help. Despite this, data shows that up to 35% of these elite athletes suffer from some mental health crisis. With a program like Kicking the Stigma, a platform for vulnerable athletes to be open about their mental health, the Indianapolis Colts are addressing stigma in mental health and showing the world the power of vulnerability. In this episode Dr. Graham Taylor speaks with Steve Campbell. Steve has more than 25 years of experience working in all levels of media, community programming, and public service. Steve served as Deputy Mayor of Indianapolis for Public and Neighborhood Affairs where he was responsible for directing various city operations in neighborhood development and outreach media communications, constituent service, environmental affairs, and public access to government. Currently, Steve is the Vice President of Communications for the NFL's, Indianapolis Colts and an active community volunteer. Together, Steve, the Colts, and the owners of the Colts, the Irsay family, have built a mental health awareness program called Kicking the Stigma, where they spread awareness about mental illness and encourage anyone battling with mental illness to seek the help they need. Together Graham and Steve discuss the purpose of Kicking the Stigma and the personal connection to the Colts organization, the program, and the various organizations partnered with Kicking the Stigma, the impact of athletes sharing their stories, and the power of vulnerability to model and encourage people to think about their own mental health, and finally the success of this campaign and the feedback they’ve received from motivated people. Kicking the Stigma is about the power of vulnerability and encouraging folks to reach out and talk to someone. We encourage anyone interested in learning more about Kicking the Stigma tune into the Monday Night Football broadcast on November 28th where the Indianapolis Colts are hosting the Pittsburgh Steelers.


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