The Harris Project & Co-Occurring Disorders with Stephanie Marquesano– Episode 254

17.9 million Americans meeting the criteria for a clinical diagnosis of co-occurring disorders (COD). Research suggesting that 70% of all of those misusing and/or addicted to substances have co-occurring mental health challenges. These alarming statistics are the reason the Harris Project is determined to bringing co-occurring disorders out of the shadows and into the light. In this episode, Dr. Graham Taylor speaks with Stephanie Marquesano, Founder and President of the Harris Project, the only national non-profit focused on the prevention and treatment of co-occurring disorders in teens and young adults. the Harris Project is named in honor of Stephanie’s son, Harris, who had been diagnosed with COD and died at the age of 19 of an accidental overdose. The Harris Project, started in 2013 at Stephanie’s kitchen table, empowers youth to make positive decisions through an understanding of paths to substance misuse and addiction such as mental health challenges, sports injury, wisdom tooth removal and, supports the creation of best practices in early identification and intervention. the Harris Project’s CODA movement (Co-Occurring Disorders Awareness) is a youth-led effort to create a community culture built on caring and compassion. Together Graham and Stephanie discuss the challenges of co-occurring disorders and the unique ways the Harris Project and the CODA movement are addressing the needs and providing resources for young people in an effort of prevention.


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