The Future of Humanization in the Workforce with Heather McGowan – Episode 234

Investments in the humans around us are the greatest investments we can make. In this episode, Dr. Erin Elmore speaks with Heather McGowan. Heather is a thought leader, author, and one of the leading voices on the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Heather’s groundbreaking approach to the future of work and learning has made employees more fulfilled and innovative, leaders more potent and empathetic, and businesses more effective at reaching their goals in a rapidly evolving market. Heather is at the forefront of challenging what it means to be a leader in the future of work. She would say it’s not about lifting up the ‘best’ or most dominant performers, but rather selecting the most collaborative, the most empathetic, and the most fundamentally human among us to lead. Together Erin and Heather discuss the challenges of an outdated workforce system, adaption to new technologies, recent trends that are challenging the workforce, and the opportunity we have now to improve our outcomes when we embrace an empathic work environment where empathy drives performance.


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