Teaching Trauma-Responsive Practices with Regan Schriver, PsyD, MSW – Episode 97

Being trauma-responsive means that we can recognize that the person that’s coming to see us has lived very difficult situations, but there are huge strengths in that. We as therapists want to join arms and walk with them to collaborate on their issues and strengths to help them grow. On today’s podcast, Dr. Graham Taylor speaks with Ragan Schriver, PsyD, MSW. Ragan is an Associate Professor of Practice at the University of Tennessee’s College of Social Work and director of the MSW program. In their certification program, Ragan teaches his students about trauma-informed and trauma-responsive practices. Together, Graham and Ragan discuss the experiences of teaching students to actively respond to an individual’s struggle, the relational aspects of therapy, defining trauma in the curriculum with students, and working through a strengths-based perspective.


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