Successful Long-Term Recovery & Peer Support with Emily Grossman – Episode 87

Recovery is a beautiful process where you build a happy, successful life and you come out the other side of your mental health struggles as the best version of yourself. In this episode, Dr. Graham Taylor speaks with Emily Grossman, the Director of Training at Coordinated Behavioral Care, on her journey with mental illness. Her story begins at the age of 18 and through many stressful events, her life’s trajectory was threatened by institutionalization. Her persistence and ultimate recovery finally led her to become a Peer Specialist. Together, Emily and Graham discuss the learned skills, strategies, and treatments for her successful long-term recovery and Emily’s transition to a Peer Provider position with lived experience helping others with their recovery journey to teach them how to live successful lives. Emily’s story is an inspirational one, that those with mental illness can, through recovery, reach their fullest potential.


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