Shifting Your Breath to Create Calm with Todd Steinberg – Episode 207

We typically take about 23,000 breaths per day. Most of the time we do so unconsciously, and for the most part we get by. But what if there is a way to breathe better, more consciously, such that we can increase the control we actually have over our bodies, like being able to calm our nervous system, reduce our stress hormones, lower our heart rates, decrease our blood pressure, lower our anxiety, and reduce our stress levels, improve our sleep and our focus, increase our peace of mind, and extend our lifespan. In this episode, Dr. Graham Taylor speaks with Todd Steinberg. Todd is the president of Komuso Design, a wellness company and maker of The Shift, a necklace device that slows your exhale to calm your nervous system. Komuso Design was created in 2017 with the simple intention of providing people with a new tool to access peace of mind. Their mission is to become the architect of fashion wellness and transform lives in the process. Together Graham and Todd discuss the creation of Komuso Design and the thinking behind their breathing device The Shift, the research behind the benefits of breathing, and the techniques to breathing better.


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