Rising Above Your Story with Karena Kilcoyne – Episode 276

Why do we feel so empty when we have so much? In this episode, Dr. Graham Taylor speaks with Karena Kilcoyne. Karena is an author and a former criminal defense attorney, who faced profound trauma early in her life. Her mother tried to give her away at birth, and at the age of 12, Karena’s father's incarceration left the family struggling. After her mother's death, Karena adopted her 9-year-old brother and graduated from law school at 24. Karena carried around two decades worth of suppressed trauma for the next 10+ years and, after decades of suffering, went on a healing journey. In her book Rise Above Your Story, Karena shares her journey, guiding listeners to acknowledge, release, and rise above their limiting stories for emotional freedom and self-love. We’re excited to have Karena with us today to discuss trauma, resilience, and her new book Rise Above Your Story: Free Yourself from Past Trauma and Create the Life You Want.


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