Rise of New Technologies in Behavioral Health with John Cray – Episode 238

The key to new technologies in behavioral health is early measurement, early identification of issues, and then making that identification actionable. Mental Health Technologies (MHT) has made that initial, and ongoing measurement, a seamless, easy opportunity for practitioners and patients to be involved in. In this episode, Dr. Graham Taylor speaks with John Cray. John is the Chief Technology Officer of Mental Health Technologies, Inc., a platform for testing and screening patients for behavioral health disorders. John knows first-hand how much of a difference early mental health and substance use issues detection by primary care can make, in addition to an ongoing objective measurement of affecting conditions. John is a speaker on the challenges of mental health care and how technological innovation is disrupting the space. With authority and knowledge, he wants to help medical directors, CEOs, COOs, presidents, and founders in the industry learn about the importance of addressing mental health issues early.


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