Radical Emotional Acceptance with Dr. Alex Wills– Episode 203

What if our painful, uncomfortable emotions are actually our best friends and they're there to help us? How would life be different? How could life be better? In this episode, Dr. Graham Taylor speaks with Dr. Alex Wills. Alex is a board-certified psychiatrist and author of Give a Fuck Actually, Reclaim Yourself with the 5 steps of Radical Emotional Acceptance. Alex is a graduate of the Sackler School of Medicine and completed his residency and fellowship training in Hawaii with additional training from Columbia University. He is the owner of Perma Mental Health, a private psychiatric practice with offices across Idaho. Alex’s clinical days are spent using the Radical Emotional Acceptance method to help patients heal from issues ranging from past traumas to interpersonal struggles in their marriages. Give a F*CK, Actually is based on that experience. Together Graham and Alex discuss the concept of radical emotional acceptance, creating that shift in mindset that we can learn from our painful emotions, and the five steps outlined in the book of radical emotional acceptance process.


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