Providing Wellness Solutions for a New World with Percy Howard, CEO of CIBHS – Episode 164

CIBHS is working alongside community organizations and governmental entities to help improve the clinical services, focused on the needs of certain racial and ethnic populations, to the degree that the mental health of the individuals in that community is improved. In this episode, Dr. Graham Taylor speaks with Percy Howard, CEO at the California Institute for Behavioral Health Solutions, a behavioral health consultancy for systems, organizations, and providers who desire to improve outcomes for people with mental health and substance use challenges. Percy is responsible for quality improvement, project construction, executive leadership, and all performance-related aspects of the CIBHS body of business and portfolio of projects. Together Graham and Percy discuss the strategy, skills, and tools to be able to help communities, the eye for the culture of mental health needs, social determinants and those challenges, and the involvement of CIBHS at a grassroots level. CIBHS is bringing restoration into social services and assisting people in the transformative work to help others grow and bloom.


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