Pathway Home™: A Successful Transition with Mark Graham, LCSW - Episode 52

In this episode Dr. Graham Taylor talks with Mark Graham, LCSW, Vice President and manager of program services for Coordinated Behavioral Care (CBC). Mark has been instrumental in the creation of CBC’s innovative Pathway Home™ program, an evidence-based critical time intervention program that effectively transitions individuals from intensive behavioral health settings to the community. Together they discuss how the Pathway Home™ program addresses the issues and the core needs of their clients, creating a synergistic team of social workers, and how this relational model is creating stronger relationships by actively engaging their clients with conversational assessment and connects them to a program close to their home and meets their needs in a sustainable manner. Pathway Home™ has achieved an incredible 94% rate of participants staying out of the hospital after the first 30 days back into the community.


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