Part Two: Developing Strong Girls & Growth Mindset with Katie Parker, Becky Fife & Allie Callister – Episode 246

In our show, we will resume our conversation with our host Dr. Erin Elmore and her guests Katie Parker, Becky Fife & Allie Callister around the topic of developing strong girls and their online program I Believe in Me! In our last episode we discussed the challenges facing young girls right now in a post-covid society and the need for support. I Believe in Me is teaching girls self-awareness and giving them strategies and tools to ultimately control their own happiness. We discussed the I Believe in Me program experience, how girls have access to educational videos, projects to inspire activity, motivational mantras, and providing a healthy online community for girls to connect and share with others. We’ll resume our talk today by discussing the impact of how raising strong women with good character can do for our communities and culture at large.


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