Part One: Developing Strong Girls & Growth Mindset with Katie Parker, Becky Fife & Allie Callister – Episode 245

Every girl is needed in this world, our differences are what make us so beautiful, and we must highlight, strengthen, and grow those things. Together we are more beautiful than apart. And our differences are what we need to offer this world and grow and find confidence in that. In this episode, Dr. Erin Elmore speaks with Katie Parker, Becky Fife, and Allie Callister, the owners, creators and leadership of Bloomfully and I Believe in Me!, which offer innovative products and resources dedicated to providing real tools and habits that strengthen confidence in girls and women of all ages. Katie (CEO), Becky, and Allie are three moms who intimately understand the challenges of raising a family as they collectively manage 17 children. Leveraging their expertise in business, health, and wellness, these remarkable women united under the banner of "I Believe in Me" to establish an online mentoring program specifically designed for tween girls. With a combined experience of over 30 years, they have dedicated themselves to empowering girls, boosting their confidence, and nurturing their potential through community engagement, online outreach, and special events. In an era plagued by the negative impacts of social media and alarming statistics on youth well-being, Katie, Becky, and Allie are more resolute than ever in their mission to guide parents and girls through the modern challenges they face. Through the promotion of self-motivation, resilience, and the cultivation of daily habits for personal growth, they endeavor to fortify the hearts and minds of young girls everywhere. Drawing on their unique backgrounds and passions, these three extraordinary women serve as mentors, advocates, and beacons of hope for the women of the next generation. Together Erin and our panelist discuss developing strong girls and their online program I Believe in Me!


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