Part 2: Succeeding with Social Emotional Learning Technology with Robin Glenn, CEO – Episode 182

This episode resumes our conversation with Dr. Graham Taylor and his guest Robin Glenn. In our last episode we identified the common mental health challenges of teens and adolescents and the benefits of Social and Emotional Learning being brought into this season of their lives. We discussed their SEL online training program, that assigns meaningful courses for students to take on their own with the goal of both teaching content but gaining insight into the student’s introspection through surveys. BASE has this learning process driven by methodology that not just sets your program apart, but it deepens the learning process. We discussed the baseline assessment that screens students against national results and how that assessment will guide the program modules that are specific to the student. As well as at-home resources and shared survey information to reinforce the SEL courses and create more connection with parents and their children. And finally, we discussed how the BASE Education program can customize data that’s informative on various levels of school positions from teacher to principles to counselor to administrators. We’ll resume our talk today by discussing how the BASE Education program can identify silent at-risk children through meaningful pointed questions.


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