Part 2: Psychological Responses to Privilege with Brian Lowery – Episode 179

This episode resumes our conversation with Dr. Graham Taylor and his guest Brian Lowery. In our last episode, we discussed an understanding of privilege by looking at the advantages and benefits associated with a specific identity and looking at these identities on the same level to recognize the advantages that come with your circumstances. We discussed we engage with privilege and how it can activate our defense mechanisms., and finally we discussed the psychological responses to privilege and the three Ds of defense, denial, distancing, and dismantling. We’ll resume our talk today by discussing our understanding of deservingness and how the idea that your life is not solely driven by you challenges your moral worth. Who you happen to be doesn't dictate your moral standing. It's the decisions you make about how you exist in the world that do. When talking about privilege, people get worked up because it’s as if their moral character has been called into question based on characteristics they have no control over.


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