Part 2: Nuts and Bolts to Planning Your Retirement with Dr. Jana Martin – Episode 140

This episode resumes the conversation with Dr. Graham Taylor and Dr. Jana Martin. In our last episode, we discussed the nuts and bolts of setting up one's private practice. In today’s episode, we discuss nuts and bolts of planning for retirement from a mental health practice. Dr. Jana Martin is the CEO of the American Insurance Trust, a provider of malpractice insurance and other products for psychologists and allied healthcare professionals. Jana's clinical experience includes many years of working in hospitals and mental health clinics, as well as independent practice in which she worked with children, adolescents, and adults. Together they discuss using your license in a myriad of opportunities for professional and personal expression, balancing your private practice with other areas of interest, planning for retirement and savings plans, understanding your malpractice insurance and other aspects of insurance, and finally the grief process in giving up your practice. Success doesn't happen by accident. You make it happen and that's important for practitioners to think about. If you are considering retirement, please view the recommended checklists in the resources below.


For more information about the Trust, please visit:

For more information about retirement plan services, please visit:

For a checklist to closing your practice, please visit:

Or alternatively, another checklist can be found here: