Part 2: Moral Opportunity and Engaging with Your Societal Position with Brian Lowery – Episode 197

This episode resumes our conversation with Dr. Graham Taylor and his guest Brian Lowery. In our last episode, we asked what if we could change the word privilege into something different that wasn’t so reactionary, and defined privilege as aspirational, almost virtuous opportunities, that strives for collective transcendence. We discussed how defensiveness and the feelings of guilt, shame, and avoidance toward our privileges deprives us of a richer life. And how appropriately identifying our privileges will direct our actions to steward our lives in creating a better world. And lastly, we discussed what a more just and equitable world would look like, allowing differences between people to contribute to society and their natural talents to flourish because of equitable access. And how in modern times, we should have a minimal level of life quality. We’ll resume our talk today by discussing societal organization and the collective production of social goods. It’s important to remember the way things are, are because we’ve structured it this way. We live in the society that we’ve created. So, if we conditioned it, we could recondition it to something better.


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