Part 2: Clinicians Series: Perinatal Mental Health with Tracy Gilmour-Nimoy, LMFT – Episode 192

This episode resumes our conversation with Dr. Graham Taylor and his guest Tracy Gilmour-Nimoy, LMFT. In our last episode, we discussed the common challenges of people who have experienced pregnancy-loss, Infertility, birth trauma, donor conception, and surrogacy adoption. Graham and Tracy shared some of the experiences for the non-pregnant partner and the importance of making space for their feelings, the importance of trauma-informed care of the medial system and how the process of pregnancy is, in itself, a traumatic experience. And finally, we discuss how to enter a relationship and help clients work through exercises and strategies when someone is really struggling from grief We’ll resume our talk today by discussing the sacred space of therapy and creating an environment that welcomes vulnerability.


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