Part 1: Working with High-Risk Teens with Dr. Jaimee Arnoff – Episode 213

In this episode, Dr. Erin Elmore speaks with Dr. Jaimee Arnoff. Jaimee is a licensed clinical psychologist with extensive experience with both assessment and therapy, focusing on children and adolescents with internalizing disorders in multiple hospital-based settings, residential treatment centers, and community-based outpatient mental health clinics. In addition to co-founding a private therapy practice specializing in high-risk youth, for the past few years she has developed and delivered school presentations for children, parents, and school staff, as well as trainings for clinicians and other providers on Youth Mental Health and Suicide Prevention. We’re excited to have Jaimee back with us. Previously she joined us for a conversation around Pain Reprocessing Therapy, which is another one of Jaimee’s certifications. If you’re interested in hearing our conversation around that, please listen to that episode in our archive at Today our conversation will focus on Jaimee’s experience working with children and adolescents, and specifically working with high-risk teens.


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