Part 1: NBPA & Changing the Culture of Wellness in Athletics with Dr. William Parham, Derek Anderson, and Tracy Murray – Episode 162

An athlete’s mental health is their mental wealth. And the National Basketball Player’s Association is looking to lead the conversation in terms of redefining what mental health and mental illness is. In this episode, Dr. Graham Taylor speaks with Dr. William Parham, the director of the National Basketball Players Association’s Mental Health and Wellness Program, and two Wellness Program Advocates and former NBA superstars Derek Anderson and Tracy Murray. Together they discuss the NBPA program and its goals, the importance of managing one’s mental health, survivor mentality, physical adversity, and the hidden genius inside each of us. There is a light inside us and the people around us that illuminates, so when we do the work to see how bright we shine, you’ll see the star system around us. The goal of the NBPA Mental Health and Wellness program is to help shepherd athletes with an outlet and education to find illuminate their hidden genius.


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We want to remind our listeners about the upcoming National Lifeline set to launch this July. If you need someone to talk to and/or in need of mental health resources, please dial 988.