Part 1: Effective Leadership with Head Coach Joshua Taylor - Episode 57

In this episode, Dr. Graham Taylor is joined by Joshua Taylor, Head Coach of the University of Missouri Women’s Volleyball Program. Together they discuss the characteristics of being an effective leader, the value of being a good teammate, modeling yourself as a leader, living a disciplined life determined to do right things, gratitude and the importance of empathy and trust. These strategies, these ways of thinking, attitudes, behaviors, relational qualities, these are generalizable to all parts of our lives. An effective leader earns the right to lead through individual connections and building trust within their group. 'Ubuntu' is a term that roughly translates to the concept 'I am, because we are'. In other words, Me is a result of We. And it's a way of living that some might see as the essence of being human, a person becomes a person through other people.


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