Part 1: Crush Your Test Anxiety with Dr. Ben Bernstein – Episode 209

In preparing for licensure and certification exams most of us typically prepare the same old way we did throughout our educational process, utilizing the same old study process that got us through and doing our best to manage our stress, our anxieties, and our fears. But what if there had been a way for us to not just become better test takers, but to have a way to have crushed our test taking fears and anxieties? In this episode, Dr. Graham Taylor speaks with Dr. Ben Bernstein. Ben is a psychologist, teacher, and performance coach whose career has spanned 40 years in education, psychology, and the arts, including coaching in such diverse settings as psychiatric hospitals, prisons, primary schools, and universities. Ben is the author of three books, A Teen’s Guide to Success, Stressed Out! For Parents, and Crush Test Anxiety: How to Be Calm, Confident, and Focused on Any Test. Together Ben and Graham discuss the causes for performance anxiety, the various levels of anxiety, how stress can affect us, and how to reclaim our locus of control. We will resume this conversation in our next upcoming podcast.


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