Part 1: Anger Management with Michele Haley, Ph.D.– Episode 116

Anger is a normal and even healthy emotion, but it's important to deal with it positively. Uncontrolled anger can take a toll, both on our health and our relationships, but recognizing one's anger and having the courage to lean into it and face it, and then try to heal it is easier said than done. In today’s episode, Dr. Graham Taylor is joined by Dr. Michele Haley. Michele has nearly two decades of experience in a variety of roles including the therapist, adjunct professor researcher, community programmer, and case manager. Her work has included facilitating inmate partner violence groups also referred to as IPV for inmates in a correctional facility. Together they discuss the experiences of anger, the root causes and the patterns of conflict, and the biological response we see in the brain. The hope lies in developing awareness around the root causes and ways that we can learn to manage our angered responses and in the brain’s neuroplasticity, allowing us to create new pathways that can change this behavior.


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