Owning Our Struggles & Finding Healing in Community with Minaa B., LMSW – Episode 284

Self-efficacy involves introspection, prompting us to inquire, what do I have control over that can help lead me toward a life that I feel I deserve to live? It entails taking baby steps in areas of my life where I have allowed myself to relinquish control and gradually reclaiming my power. While we all aspire to lead lives marked by joy and gratitude, we acknowledge that adversity may still surround us as we strive for these goals. In navigating this journey, the key lies in acknowledging the challenges while steadfastly pursuing the life we truly deserve. In this episode Dr. Graham Taylor speaks with Minaa B. Minaa is a licensed social worker, mental health educator, and author of the book "Owning Our Struggles”. With a background in psychotherapy focused on anxiety, depression, and trauma, Minaa has worked across various mental health sectors, including early childhood programs, private practice, and community mental health. Holding a graduate degree from New York University, Minaa is also the founder of Minaa B. Consulting, specializing in developing psychological safety within organizations. As a mental health educator and coach, Minaa emphasizes the connection between mental health and social justice. Based in New York City, Minaa is dedicated to empowering others and fostering supportive connections for personal and societal growth. We’re excited to have Minaa with us to discuss self-efficacy, the power of healing in groups, and her debut book “Owning Our Struggles: A Path to Healing and Finding Community in a Broken World”.


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