No Weigh: A Whole-Person Approach to Weigh Loss with Dr. Valerie Evans – Episode 270

No Weigh is a whole-person approach that treats weight loss as one part of a person’s life, interconnected with everything else that person values, In this episode, Dr. Graham Taylor speaks with Valerie Evans, BCBA. Valerie is a licensed and board-certified Behavior Analyst and founder of No Weigh, an app that leverages behavioral psychology and applied behavioral analysis to help users lose weight, ensure healthy habits, and build a healthier life. Valerie is a mom of three children and, after having her third child, turned to diet programs to help her feel like herself again. Valerie decided to make a new way for individuals to feel empowered in their wellness journey and created the No Weigh whole-person approach. We’re excited to have Valerie with us today to discuss a new approach to weight loss and her app No Weigh.


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