Men’s Health, Depression, and Male Suicide with Dr. John Ogrodniczuk – Episode 202

There's about 30,000 people committing suicide in the U.S. each year. If we took a full airplane, 300 people, that's a hundred airplanes per year going down. That's 52 weeks. That's two planes per week going down. And no one's saying this is alarming. In this episode, Dr. Graham Taylor speaks with Dr. John Ogrodniczuk. John is the founder of HeadsUpGuys, a leading online resource for supporting men with depression. John is also a Professor of Psychiatry and Director of the Psychotherapy Program at the University of British Columbia, one of North America’s largest medically based psychotherapy training programs. He’s also past president of the North American chapter for the Society for Psychotherapy Research. His research focuses on a wide variety of topics including men’s mental health, psychodynamic psychotherapy, and personality disorders, which has led to more than 300 publications. He also maintains a private practice through Optimum Life Consulting. Together Graham and John discuss the creation of HeadsUpGuys, the impact of suicide and overwhelming statistics on male suicide, the signs and symptoms that lead to suicide ideation, the need to reconceptualize masculine socialization and importance of mental health literacy. We know that suicidal ideation is transient. So, if we can get support to men to help them through these transient periods when they feel disconnected, we can help them turn things around and get them a path to a better life and give them hope.


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