Intergenerational Trauma & Child Development with Dr. Amy Conrad – Episode 211

A child’s experience or health is interdependent with the involvement of family. But, from a child’s perspective, in the context of what their brain needs as it develops, trauma can be very subtle, more relational in nature, and that tends to be more transgenerational transmission of these traumas. The more we can understand ourselves as parents, the more we can control and have awareness into what we're doing for our kids. In this episode, Dr. Graham Taylor speaks with Dr. Amy Conrad. Amy is a pediatrician, mom, and founder of Kinder Digital Pediatric Clinic, the only digital pediatric platform that connects families with their own pediatrician from anywhere. Amy is also the podcast host of “Ask Doctor Amy”, where her goal is to empower listeners with evidence-based science with attention to nutrition, mental health, and lifestyle information to create a healthy and healthy childhood. Together Graham and Amy discuss the perspective of how intergenerational trauma shows in pediatric medicine, the impact of this trauma on children, and an encouragement for parents to improve their awareness, managing their triggers, and a vicarious healing that takes place for parents when they’re giving their children a different way to join them in childhood. It's never too late to become aware and how quickly that change happens.


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