Integrating Spirituality and Therapy with Dan Kim, LMFT – Episode 107

At its core, spirituality is a connection and a relationship, but a disposition that flows from that. Therapy is spiritual work. In this episode, we proudly welcome our newest member to our podcast and today’s host Dr. Erin Elmore. Erin is joined by Daniel Kim, LMFT, who has 12 years of experience working with clients who struggle with trauma, relational problems, and spiritual issues. Dan has also worked with members of the clergy who struggle with deep personal issues. Together, Erin and Dan, discuss integrating faith with therapy practice, viewing therapy as spiritual work, working with pastors in therapy, and advocating for therapists to do their own personal work to become better at helping their clients. When we are helping people in our sessions experience unconditional positive regard, compassion, and love as a therapist, and treat our clients with worth and dignity, we help our clients love themselves with self-compassion and acceptance. That is spirituality.


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