How to Prepare for the EPPP with Dr. Kristen Wilkinson – Episode 114

The EPPP is the top exam for aspiring Psychologists. There's a lot at stake to getting your license and the EPPP is the gateway to getting your license. In today’s episode, two Licensing Prep Coaches are ready to walk you through the exam process. In this episode, Dr. Erin Elmore is joined by Dr. Kristen Wilkinson. Kristen is a licensed clinical psychologist and EPPP Licensing Prep Coach. Erin is also an EPPP Licensing Prep Coach and together both Kristen and Erin have helped hundreds of candidates successfully pass the EPPP. They share their own experiences with the exam and tips for exam candidates on their journey to passing. Together Erin and Kristen discuss what is the EPPP, when you’re ready to begin to study, setting expectations for studying, the kind of tools are available for test prep, and benefits of coaching during this exam process, when you’re ready to take your exam, and finally the next steps after you’ve taken the exam.


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