Holistic Coaching, Ayurvedic Medicine, & Your Life Purpose with Vish Chatterji – Episode 204

When we are aligned with our inner calling that's when things begin to flow. Things come to us because there's an openness. In this episode, Dr. Graham Taylor speaks with Vish Chatterji. Vish provides holistic life coaching for executives and small business owners on how to create personalized daily routines in nutrition, exercise, scheduling, and sleep to nurture fulfilling work, joy, and life harmony. Vish is the author of The Business Casual Yogi: Take Charge of Your Body, Mind, and Career which teaches how to create micro-rituals for optimal health and leadership success. Together Graham and Vish discuss the parallels between yoga wisdom and coaching wisdom, how a coach becomes a facilitator for the coachee’s innate wisdom, the process of walking clients through their path toward greater awareness, and the importance of our connection to our true selves. The ultimate karmic test is when a challenge comes your way, and when you can just sit through it, you’ve passed that test and that challenge won’t happen again.


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