High-Performer Challenges, Sports Injury, & End of Career Transitions with Jon Steele, LMFT – Episode 264

In athletics, and high-performance positions, you are constantly critiqued. Outcomes are often measured by stats or performance based. But we can’t always control performance-based outcomes. We can, however, control our effort-based actions. By rightsizing our reality, and focusing on our effort-based goals, we get to control the direction in how to show up in those moments and can transition into something more resilient. In this episode, Dr. Graham Taylor speaks with Jon Steele, LMFT. Jon is a licensed marriage and family therapist who has focused his private practice on treating high performance clients including athletes and professionals. With personal experience as a former collegiate athlete, Jon combines the complexities of the athlete experience with the performance of professional life. His specialties include treating anxiety, trauma, grief, addiction, and building mental fitness. Whether working with athletes or high-achieving professionals, he helps his clients combat shame, build healthy coping strategies, and increase self-compassion amidst high pressure environments. Together Graham and Jon discuss working with athletics injury, recovery trauma, and transition out of sports. There are many seasons of an athlete's life. And at some point, one's identity through the athletic lens must change. And we can grow through these moments if we choose to learn how and focus on that.


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