Harnessing the Power of Your Mind for Self-Healing & Well-being with Brandy Gillmore – Episode 287

Imagine acquiring the skills to alleviate injuries, pain, or illnesses solely through the potent capabilities of your mind. Explore the profound ways in which our powerful minds can be utilized to enhance self-healing and overall well-being. In this episode, Dr. Graham Taylor speaks with Brandy Gillmore. Brandy is a world-renowned mind-body healing expert, award-winning podcast host, and TEDx speaker who is at the cutting edge of alternative health and self-healing. Brandy's journey into self-healing began with a pivotal moment at her sister's wedding in July 2005, where she longed to walk unaided down the aisle but found herself confined to a wheelchair. Exploring both conventional and alternative therapies, Brandy delved into the power of the mind. Through years of dedicated research and experimentation, she made astounding discoveries that led to her full recovery and a newfound strength. Brandy has been featured in award-winning documentaries and several docuseries. Her clients include top celebrities and Olympic athletes. We’re excited to have Brandy with us to discuss self-healing, personal transformation, and her book “Master Your Mind and Energy to Heal your Body: You Can Be Your Own Cure”.


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