Expressing Mental Wellness Through Theater with Fadi Skeiker – Episode 239

There is a cathartic moment in every story. That cathartic moment would be the point of connection where it would help people to deal with what they are going through. In this episode, Dr. Erin Elmore speaks with Fadi Skeiker. Fadi is a theater educator of Syrian origin, an author and a scholar who has directed, devised and led applied theater work all over the world. Fadi holds a BA from the Higher Institute of Theatrical Arts in Damascus, an MA from Emerson College in Boston and a PhD from the University of Texas at Austin. Fadi has published articles in multiple journals and co-wrote a published training manual on the use of applied theater as a tool to address human rights and women’s equality issues in Jordan in addition to a book on his work on applied theatre and refugees. In addition to being a theatre scholar, Fadi is also an accomplished Theatre director whose work has been featured in university setting and most recently at the Wilma Theatre in Philadelphia. Together Fadi and Erin discuss healing through creative expression and his work with Syrian refugees in drama workshops. Through his work he provides an outlet for refugee storytelling and a safe environment for perspective building.


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