Exploring Mental Health Journalism with Dr. John Grohol – Episode 291

Publications such as the New England Psychologist serve as invaluable resources, providing updates on state psychological association changes and offering insightful analysis to help clinical practitioners understand the implications for their practice. In this episode, Sharlee Dixon speaks with Dr. John Grohol. John is the publisher of the New England Psychologist, a 32-year-old quarterly trade publication for clinical psychologists in the New England region. John has played a transformative role in making mental health resources accessible on the internet. In 1995 he founded Psych Central, the WebMD of mental health online, where he was also its CEO, Editor-in-chief, and a regular contributor. He sold Psych Central in 2020 to Healthline. In 1999, he joined the first online therapy company in Boston, Help Horizons, as the youngest chief operating officer in the industry. He oversaw that company’s successful sale in 2006. In 2001, John created one of the first online mental health support groups, MySupportForums, which is still run today by John and a team of volunteers. He’s both a published book author and researcher. John is also one of the co-founders of the Society for Participatory Medicine, a non-profit that seeks to help patients become equal partners in their healthcare decisions. I’m excited to have John with us today to discuss the importance of independent journalism and his work with the New England Psychologist.


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