Escaping the Waiting Room: Reclaiming Your True Self After Loss with Christina Rasmussen – Episode 311

When we experience significant loss, we often get stuck in a transitional "waiting room" between our past and potential future, and true healing involves reclaiming our true selves and embracing our strengths to move forward. In this episode, Sharlee Dixon speaks with Christina Rasmussen. Christina is a renowned grief educator and bestselling author, known for her impactful books "Second Firsts", "Where Did You Go?", and "Invisible Loss". Following the loss of her spouse to cancer in 2010, Christina developed the Life Reentry process, dedicated to bringing compassion and validation to countless individuals navigating grief. Holding a master's degree in guidance and counseling from the University of Durham, she is also pursuing a Master of Fine Arts degree in painting and drawing at the Academy of Art. Christina's work has been featured in prominent outlets such as ABC News, Women’s World, the Washington Post, and the White House Blog, and she is a contributor to Psychology Today. We’re excited to have Christina with us today as we delve into the topics of grief, transcendence, and the exploration of her latest book, "Invisible Loss: Recognizing and Healing the Unacknowledged Heartbreak of Everyday Grief."


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