Equipping Children with SEL Skills with Noah Teitelbaum – Episode 82

What if we could incorporate into our students' learning a wide range of skills, attitudes, and behaviors that could have a positive effect on their success in school? Social and emotional learning (SEL) skills can help children with enhancing and empowering their self-esteem, their interpersonal relationships, their health and wellness, and personal engagement throughout their life. In this episode, Dr. Graham Taylor is joined by Noah Teitelbaum. Noah is the executive director of empowering education, a nonprofit that enables learning by contributing to the social and emotional wellness of students, families, and educators through a mindfulness-based bilingual, social and emotional learning curriculum. Together Graham and Noah discuss the five major competencies of SEL, the spectrum of instruction around these topics, the benefits of SEL to both students and teachers, and the successful implementation and connection to the classroom. As students look toward re-entry in the fall, SEL gets a chance to come in and be a really impactful component of their re-entry, and in some ways more important than initially returning right to the academic rigor.


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