Dramatic Growth of Healthcare from Private Equity with Jon Wolf– Episode 149

Since 2011, Pyramid Healthcare, Inc. grew from 16 facilities to over 70 with 2,600 employees and is one of the largest healthcare providers in the country. Jon Wolf, Pyramid Healthcare’s founder, and CEO, credits their success to private equity investors and the opportunity it gave them to grow and serve the demand for mental health services. In today’s episode, Dr. Graham Taylor is joined by Jonathan Wolf. Jon is the CEO at Pyramid Healthcare, Inc. Founded in 1999, Pyramid Healthcare, Inc. is an organization of committed professionals, identifying human service needs and creating solutions for growth and improved quality of life. Pyramid Healthcare offers substance use and mental health programs and over 70 locations that help individuals of all ages manage chemical dependence. Mental health eating disorders and autism. Together Graham and Jon discuss the increase in private equity coming into the behavioral healthcare field and its benefits to both practitioners and to the patients they serve.


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