Depression, Anxiety & the Bill of Emotional Rights with Dr. Ardeshir Mehran – Episode 293

People yearn to share their stories with someone who comprehends their journey. Despite differing structures, vocabularies, and contexts, they recount tales of adversity, sharing the narratives of life's challenges and setbacks. In this episode, Dr. Graham Taylor speaks with Dr. Ardeshir Mehran. Ardeshir is a psychologist, behavioral researcher, and leadership coach who challenges conventional notions of depression. Holding a Ph.D. and M.Ed. from Columbia University, Ardeshir draws from over thirty years of experience in counseling, organizational psychology, and research, guiding global leaders and operational teams across diverse industries. Ardeshir’s groundbreaking approach, The Bill of Emotional Rights, offers a revolutionary cure for depression, a method applied successfully to heal both himself and countless clients. Through the Dr. Mehran Method, he guides clients to faster, stronger, and longer-lasting outcomes, drawing from over three decades of experience. Currently residing in Northern California, he balances his transformative work with a passion for running, wandering in nature, photography, poetry, and other artistic pursuits. We’re excited to have Ardeshir with us today to discuss his newest book “You are Not Depressed. You are Un-Finished” and the Bill of Emotional Rights.


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