Daughters of Divorce and The Sleeper Effect with Dr. Kristen Wilkinson - Episode 23

In this episode, Dr. Graham Taylor speaks with Dr. Kristen Wilkinson about the 'Sleeper Effect', its effects, and developing an understanding to be able to identify it early. Children experience a myriad of psychological effects when families divorce or separate, but there is a phenomenon many 'daughters of divorce' experience that causes depression, anxiety, lack of trust, and intimacy problems to occur later in life. These issues can be tied back to the trauma experience(s) from their adolescence, defined as “The Sleeper Effect”.


If you are a daughter of divorce and would like to share your story, Dr. Kristen Wilkinson is collecting stories to give women an opportunity. To reflect on their experiences as daughters of divorce, to think about their unsuccessful, intimate relationships, their roller coaster of mental health issues. Please contribute by email:


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