Cultural Safety & Sensitivity in Healthcare with Dr. Raj Sundar – Episode 292

In medicine, the principle of "do no harm" is fundamental. Given the historical harm caused by racism and inequities within communities, it's imperative to prioritize this perspective. We must first approach interactions through this lens and then seek to establish cultural connections, if it’s important to them. In this episode, Sharlee Dixon speaks with Raj Sundar. Raj Sundar is a full-spectrum family medicine physician and community organizer and the host of Healthcare for Humans, a podcast dedicated to educating others on how to care for culturally diverse communities so they can be better healers. Raj works with others to create systems that treat each person with dignity, respect their histories, celebrate their joys, and honor their hopes. We’re excited to have Raj with us today to discuss cultural competency and his work with Healthcare for Humans. What does it entail to cultivate a healing relationship with the individual before you? What information is essential to grasp without overwhelming or burdening them with excessive explanations?


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