Creative Mindfulness and the Process of Expression with Dr. Jamie Marich – Episode 130

Mindfulness is fundamentally the practice that helps you be able to be with what is, and when you dissociate or kind of get pushed out of the present, it's the practice that fundamentally helps you return to the now. And that's a lot of what life and recovery and healing asks us to do, “how can we be with what is without destroying ourselves”? In today’s episode, Dr. Graham Taylor speaks with Dr. Jamie Marich. Jamie is a clinical trauma specialist, expressive artist, writer, yogini, performer, short filmmaker, Reiki Master, TEDx speaker, and recovery advocate. She unites all these elements in her mission to inspire healing in others as the founder of the Institute for Creative Mindfulness. Together Graham and Jamie discuss trauma, recovery, mindfulness, EMDR, and the creation of her institute.


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